It’s Happened to Me … GoogleUpdate.exe DOES Come Back to Life

Last night, I posted that I was able to kill GoogleUpdate.exe in the Task Manager, and that I turned it off in msconfig.exe to keep it from loading at startup.  And I mentioned that I hadn’t had any problems with it starting up on its own. Well, it’s a day later, and I haven’t used Chrome at all since that post, and well, there it is, in my Task Manager, running all by itself.  That’s pretty skeevy, if you ask me.  If I kill an app, I want it stay killed until I ask it to be Lazarus. So I uninstalled Chrome from my machine, and then I’ll have to get GoogleUpdate.exe out of my registry, following instructions I found (here).  While I was doing it, I went ahead and deleted the Apple Updater that I found; that felt good!  I also deleted the “Chrome” sub-subfolder in my Application Data folder, which one would have thought would have been deleted when I uninstalled Chrome. It’s amazing how much detritus is left over from uninstall processes; no wonder Windows machines get bogged down, because all these companies let their programs leave traces of themselves behind. I deleted a few other folders while I was at it, and who knows, maybe I’ll have bricked my computer.  That’d be fun.


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