Federal Crimes

There are no cases that are quite like federal criminal cases. The stakes are enormous; the penalties are  harsh and unforgiving; the judges are quirky and tenured for life, lacking concern for being reelected; the agents are incredibly polite–until they want to bring you in by force; and the prosecutors are focused on making as strong a case against a target as possible.

The Choate Firm has handled federal criminal cases in federal courts across the United States, ranging from bank fraud allegations in the Pacific Northwest to drug trafficking charges in Puerto Rico, and just about everything–and everywhere–in between.

If you have received a target letter, or have been indicted by a federal grand jury, you cannot wait a moment longer. Every day you delay getting a lawyer who knows the federal system in and out is a day that you are wasting in putting together a strong defense.  Contact the Choate Firm today to schedule an appointment.

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