Uncontested Divorces

Uncontested divorces will typically be relatively painless affairs, with both spouses agreeing to the divorce and without involving a lot of unnecessary drama.  The Choate Firm can, in some cases, represent both spouses in an uncontested divorce, as long as a valid conflict-of-interest waivers are executed.

Much of the work in an uncontested divorce will occur before the petition is filed in a Texas family court, with almost all of the details hammered out at the beginning.  Service will typically not be required, and the case can get resolved in what is considered a fairly short period of time.  (Clients are always surprised to learn that, to a lawyer, a “few months” is “not that long at all”!)  Attorney’s fees for an uncontested divorce can also be significantly lower than for a contested divorce,

If an uncontested divorce in Houston or other parts of Texas is something you are interested in, please contact the Choate Firm to schedule an appointment.  We will be more than happy to discuss all your options.

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