Fake Underreported Terrorism Attacks

The quick response to the hastily published list of 78 “terrorism” incidents which the Administration feels haven’t garnered enough media attention has been to point out that many entries are misspelled (“ATTAKERS” and “SAN BERNADINO”, for example). That’s a cheap and easy criticism. First, who hasn’t had an employer ask you to drop everything you’re doing and bang out a report immediately, due 30 minutes before being tasked with the assignment? Second, for whatever reason, Word doesn’t automatically spell-check words that are in all-caps, so, there won’t necessarily be red squiggles to catch your attention. (Then again, unless all the names on the list have been added to Word’s spell-check dictionary, the document was probably a sea of red squiggles, anyway, so…💁‍♂️)

No, there are more problematic aspects of the list, more so even than the incidents which absolutely *did* receive wall-to-wall coverage (Nice, for example, and San Bernardino–which led to a huge fight between the FBI and Apple regarding unlocking a phone, and which led to Trump calling for a boycott of the latter).

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Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court

I am withholding comment on the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case until I get a chance to actually read the opinion for myself. All too often, commentary about emotionally charged decisions is colored by political affiliation (“Hobby Lobby Decision a Victory for Women, Supporters Say,” is the headline for CNS News; “Alito’s ‘Hobby Lobby’ Opinion is Dangerous and Discriminatory,” is the headline for the Nation) and I find it’s better to read it myself than rely on news summaries.