Mukasey Update

The DOJ has released a statement regarding Attorney General Mukasey’s condition:

“At the conclusion of his remarks before the Federalist Society Annual Dinner in Washington, D.C., Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey collapsed.

“Upon his collapse, emergency first aid was rendered by the Attorney General’s security detail and a doctor who was on the scene.

“The Attorney General arrived at George Washington University Hospital shortly thereafter.

“The Attorney General is conscious, conversant and alert. His vital statistics are strong and he is in good spirits. He is receiving excellent care and appreciates all of the good wishes and prayers he has received. The doctors will keep him overnight for further observations.

“We will update the public when we have additional information.”

Mukasey Collapses

Well, it’s still early, and we’ll probably know more in the morning, but Attorney General Mukasey collapsed during a speech before the Federalist Society.  Looks bad.  Newsweek (and scads more) have deets.

Makes me wonder if Bush will try to appoint a successor, let the clock run out, or if he’ll do something weirder, like appoint Holder…

The Sun Herald, by the way, has the text of the speech that Mukasey was delivering.