Vote for More Change in Your Pocket

This is a campaign I think we can all believe in:  Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, Krispy Kreme, and even Chik-Fil-A are giving away free stuff today.  That’s not bad at all.  News reports are a wee bit sketchy about how wide-spread this promotion extends, but says it’s happening in Houston, though it’s a little unclear whether you have to prove that you voted; Chik-Fil-A apparently requires proof of some sort, which will be a little annoying for those of us who voted well early.  And, according to the Raleigh-Durham area’s Triangle Business Journal, the Washington State AG says that Starbucks, but explicitly targeting only voters, violates Washington State election laws, though no prosecution is foreseen.

In any event, it’s free stuff, so go take a look and see what you can find.

Update:  here’s what Ben & Jerry’s website sez:  “Come to participating scoop shops on November 4th from 5-8pm, and you’ll get a free scoop of ice cream.”  No way of knowing whether a particular store participates or not, but there you go.  Looks like you just go get free ice cream, no proof of anything required.

And Starbucks’ Twitter page (seriously?  Starbucks twitters?  I mean, why?  (Yes, yes, so they can be “cool” and “hip,” and they were able to put out information quickly, but they could have done that, as B&J did, on their website, but anyway, I digress)) *ahem* Starbucks’ Twitter page says that the offer is open to anyone so as not to violate election laws.

Krispy Kreme’s site says that you need to show an “I Voted” sticker.

And Chik Fil-A’s site is silent as to the promotion.